Hello Spring, sort of...

Here in Missouri, the weather is always changing, except for summer when it is stupidly humid and hot. But here lately it has beautiful. I have been able to take walks and jog again in the mornings, yesterday I took my Lil' cave-poose to the park. My daughter, whom I call "poose" loves being outside almost as much as her daddy. She loves walking around outside and picking up sticks and rocks. I have been sort of slacking on my primitive skills because I have been enjoying the weather. Sadly, I checked the weather today and a cold front will be moving through this weekend. Hopefully I can pull out my knap-sack and try to make at least a few arrow heads before the temperatures dip again. A friend at work asked me if I knew how to make those "black glass knives" the used in the movie "Apocalyto"
I told him I have some obsidian at home and I would give it a try. So I hope to do so, weather permitting.

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